Photos and a Few Words!

Hilo was stunning its contrasts! From thundering, lush Rainbow Falls to the desolate, harsh frozen lava to the south end of the island.

In Chicago, a toll is a fee paid to drive on high speed roads.  In French Polynesia, atoll is formed by a volcanic eruption that creates lagoons and land surrounded by floating coral reefs. The volcano sinks, but the atoll rises and falls with the sea level and is home to schools of colorful tropical fish, manta rays and a variety of sharks.  Today was a first...we walked on an atoll and enjoyed its stunning vistas and pristine water.  Farakava is a French Polynesian dream.  When the stress of driving in Chicago overwhelms me, I will think of this atoll and embrace the serenity I felt at this very special place.

I have been drawing and painting on sea days.  You'll find two of my favorite subjects below!

It's a delight to post these unedited photos for you and share a glimpse of our magnificent, colorful world!

Lava scorched the earth and increased the size of the island.
Pele spared some shrubbery flowing past the once verdant land.

The moonlight was magical!
Raving about Fakarava!

The Mariner looked enormous from the atoll

Local singers entertained and sold coconuts and shells.

The water IS that color! 
Beach in Farakava....well, all of it is a beach!

A clever "garbage can"

Nurse Sharks, swam close to be petted! Some folks snuggled up, but not us!

Farakava is absolutely gorgeous!
Captain Avio 

General Manager, Nickie!


  1. All the beach pictures and the colors of the water are breathtaking —felt like I was right there. The explanation of “atoll” is very interesting—make me want to think of Mother Nature at its best repaired one of Pele's major tantrums w/ atoll formation! TKS for including some of your drawings, I have been waiting for you to incorporate some in Broken Road Leads blog. Cheers! /cj

  2. Thanks for the great history lesson. Loved the pictures! Beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! So glad you're enjoying your cruise so far. Hoping for calm seas and more info as you make your way around the world. Cheers!


  4. Thank you Denise! More of everything coming soon! Stay tuned :)

  5. Such breathtaking beauty and vivid descriptions.