Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Hey Daughter, this could have been your home. No broken water pipes, no electrical issues, just great views. We might have dropped in for lunch today or taken a spin on the Sultan's yacht (see below). One might mistake it for our ship, it's so big.'d look terrible wrapped in black from head to toe.  

Old Muttrah Souk in Oman is a fascinating place to shop. Locals and tourists alike patronize the stalls.  Merchandise is marked and priced, but it's all an illusion...everything is negotiable.  Haggling is a sport and everyone who "plays," wins. The game is as much fun as the final "score." And, score I did. I am very pleased with my purchases. You know it went well, when there is a handshake at the end. 

Muscat is a delightful, beautiful city and always a joy to visit. Thank you for the warm hospitality!
Daughter's "house"- the Sultan's Palace
Sultan Qaboos yacht

The symbol of Oman: the incense burner



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  1. Ehhhhh, I just don't drive a hard bargain but that looks too much to clean. ;)