Monday, November 2, 2015

Odds and Ends

Even though we woke early at 7 am to a code "Mike," we still managed to arrive too late for breakfast.  A glass of juice will tide us over till lunch.  

We're not in a hurry today and decided to scratch a tour in favor of some relaxing time on board. Harry fell yesterday on one of the "uphill" lanes of our city walk. "Downhill" he went as his foot caught a curb. He had an up close and personal moment with the cobblestone sidewalk. No visible injuries, but he has a sore leg this morning. A little rest and he'll be fine, besides, we love being onboard the ship.

The ship is magnificent. If we were to count the number of days spent on this vessel, it would be close to 365. Every day is as special as the last.  We feel very at home onboard.

And, what a wonderful home it is...our suite is taken care of by the very gracious Hazel.  It's immaculate, like the rest of the ship.  Poor Hazel suffered a bout of seasickness last night, but was her sweet, friendly self this morning, unscathed by last night's rough seas.  

The service is outstanding. The food is fabulous. Dinner last night was exceptional. We dined in Sette Mari, which transforms from the daytime breakfast/lunch venue to fine Italian dining in the evening.  "Fine" is an understatement.  We enjoyed a variety of starters and delicious soup. If there were ever a contest for flat bread, theirs would be award-winning. The Veal Parmesan was the best we have ever eaten on land or sea.  A magnifico dinner...we look forward to enjoying this venue again.

Tonight we have reservations at Prime 7; it rivals the best steakhouses in Chicago.  We are looking forward to another great meal.  As tempting as they are, we've been prudent and have avoided all desserts.  I'll let you know when we cave.

Bon appetite!

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