Monday, November 2, 2015

Kavala, Greece

Yesterday, we had the distinction of docking at the same port as the apostle Peter did on his first trip to Greece, when the city was called Neopolis.  We had decided to take in an overview of this area as this was a new destination.  

The city is small, but awash with cream colored buildings that appeared stacked one on top of the other as they perch higher up the hills that formed a cove around the port.  Attractive, compact and very European, unlike America where our abundance of flat land that seems to invite urban sprawl. 

We drove under an ancient aqueduct that dated back to the Byzantine era en route to the small town of Xanthi.  One highlight of this excursion was seeing a bridal couple who had gotten married the previous day, but were still dressed in their wedding finery for official photos near the river bed.  I did not ask if they had changed clothing during the 24 hours between "I do" and let's head to the river.  They graciously posed for a photo while resplendent in their wedding garb, her bouquet of white roses, still fresh as the bride stepped out of the car.

Yesterday was ripe for opportunities to take photos of people and I will be doing some sketching tomorrow, as we have a sea day en route to Israel.

I enjoyed tasting local olives in Xanthi and the uphill/downhill walk around the old city with streets so tight, the "corners" of building were built flat so that carts, and now vehicles, could drive through the narrow cobblestone streets without clipping the sides of houses. 

Today, we dock in Kusadasi, Turkey.  Jewelry shopping is a must here. Pieces are handmade, exquisite and pricing is flexible. We'll walk through the beautiful seaport town while others follow our footsteps on the previous trips we have made to Ephesus, a well-preserved, fascinating ancient city with historic and religious importance.  Mary, Mother of Jesus lived nearby. 

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