Sunday, November 8, 2015


We enjoyed a very relaxing day doing a slow transit of the Suez Canal. Flies are a part of life on the Canal, and as always, they swarmed us outside, so we sought refuge in other areas.  I spent the morning drawing Hazel, our sweet room attendant and the afternoon "with a novel." Once my pillows were propped up on the comfy bed, I stretched out, read two pages and fell asleep for three hours! Decadent!  A complete waste of precious time and oh, my goodness, it felt wonderful!

Tomorrow, we reach Safaga, Egypt. Most of the guests will leave the ship for visits to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. We've seen these sites and have opted instead for a swim in the Red Sea, followed by laundry in the afternoon!  

Water, water, everywhere we go! Except on the banks of the Suez Canal. It is the sandiest, most desolate looking area.  Guard shacks dot the landscape and two to three men, in small row boats, cast fishing lines; otherwise, this is very barren land.  

A helicopter circled over our ship and I could see a small boat beside us escorting our ship through the narrow canal. Men in bright yellow vests patrolled our decks with binoculars, scanning the horizon. Behind us was a long convoy of cargo ships.  The Canal is only 75' deep with no locks.  Ships travel in one direction part of the day, then traffic is switched the opposite direction.  All very orderly and quiet.  A peaceful glide through murky water with thousands of flies hitching a free ride. 

Hazel keeps our suite "shipshape!"

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