Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oh, I Know We Are Going to Overpack!

Back in the day, when we traveled at least half the year, I had everything perfectly organized.  Bags were prepacked with every conceivable item we might need on our voyage.  All I had to do was throw those goodies in a suitcase along with clean clothes and off we went.  Over time, those bags were unpacked and the contents were scattered in places I don't often check.  I feel like I am starting from scratch as I start stacking items to pack.

First, before even getting on the plane, we had to buy new suitcases! Our "world-weary" bags have had it and if our belongings are going to keep up with us on this adventure, we better put things in sturdy suitcases. 

Preparing for this trip is a flashback in time.  We're finding old itineraries, key cards from previous voyages, extra passport photos that are really, really old and we looked really, really young.  Fun memories of non-stop adventures to all seven continents, over 95 countries, two and a half world cruises and many more voyages in between. I've lost count, as well as the list on which I recorded every journey.

Four more days until we board Turkish Airlines to be whisked away to Istanbul.  Well, it not quite a "whisk"... the flight is 11 hours long, but according to my friend, the flight to Turkey, in business class, is a special experience. We popped for a comfy ride and look forward to seeing the tea light "candles" on our dinner trays  and flickering throughout the cabin after “lights out.” The soothing ambiance will lull us to sleep.  We'll be alert when we arrive to greet the driver waiting to take us to our hotel. A special thank you to our dear friend for all of her expert help with our travel arrangements.

Our excitement is building. Hope I remember all that needs to be done before closing the front door of the house. 

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