Sunday, October 25, 2015

My "All-Inclusive" Vision of the World

Hands down, this luxurious, all-inclusive, Voyager ship is amazing; so in keeping with their brand, I am creating a blog that will offer my followers a unique, "all-inclusive" travel experience, seen through my eyes. 

My vision always includes people.  I'm a portrait artist.  When others are looking at buildings, I am looking at faces. I will be drawing portraits of the people I see in Turkey and the Middle East as well as those I meet onboard. I'm ready! Two high-quality sketch pads are packed with plenty of ball point pens and, for bravado, no erasers!

I hope they speak to you, like they do to me.  Here's an example of what you might expect to see on this journey....

The portraits won't be for sale, but they will be available.  I will happily arrange donations to the Crew Fund in exchange for any drawing someone might wish to take home with them.

If you have ever sailed on a "no-tipping" ship, you know that the crew, and the service they provide to every guest, is exemplary. The Crew Fund covers all sorts of needs, including emergency airfare home, perks in crew quarters and well-deserved crew parties.  From the people who serve us meals and clean our cabins to the crew we never see, who wash linens, prepare our food and keep us afloat, this is a small gesture to express gratitude for their care.

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