Friday, October 30, 2015

Five Stars to Turkish Air

What did we do for 10 hours on a flight from Chicago to Istanbul?  We ate delicious food and slept on seats that became comfy beds with soft bedding, a duvet and a large pillow.  Utterly delightful.

The service was impeccable from the two chefs who prepared our two meals to the sweet flight attendants who ensured our absolute comfort.  Beautiful candle light graced our cabin as we flew 5,550 miles across the Atlantic.  

Multi course meals began with a silver trolley laden with a selection of eight starters.  A delicious soup was served in gold embossed bowl and the same trolley returned with a selection of another eight or so desserts.  The best were fresh raspberry ice cream and baklava.  Breakfast was the same sort of extravagance that began with a wake up muffin and fresh orange juice.  

Thumbs up, Turkish Air!

Silver embellished tea cups and candle light!

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