Wednesday, October 28, 2015


While waiting patiently for the clock to strike 10:15 pm, check-in time for our flight, I filled the evening, last night, with a Village Board meeting where the residents came out with proverbial pitch forks to storm Village Hall. All's well that ends well and we got a necessary vote on a very important issue. 

Back home, I quickly logged into Turkish Airlines website to print the boarding passes, only to find our flight to Istanbul was cancelled.  WHAT?!?! Living near a major airport is great. We can fly to San Francisco at least 40 times on any given day with various airlines...but, my mind many flights can there possibly be from Chicago to Istanbul?

A quick call to Turkish Airlines cleared up the problem. Boarding passes were printed. Bags were packed. All the "t's" have been crossed and the "i's" are dotted. We are ready for our spectacular adventure. 

Our amazing itinerary began with a taxi ride to O'Hare Airport.  Impossible traffic makes it challenging to make a necessary left turn on a major road.  No problem for our "pilot," he turned into oncoming traffic causing lanes to stop in both directions. A precursor to driving in Turkey, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Oman or the United Arab Emirates?  If we've survived out-of-control tuk-tuks, reckless drivers seem tame in comparison.

Forty-five minutes till boarding.  We're relaxing in the business lounge having a light snack and enjoying the free wifi.  And, the restroom!  Delightful! A full wash and dry...who needs TP.  I never knew a nice perk like this existed at ORD!  

All set to explore the world!

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