Saturday, September 12, 2015

Back Out to Sea...

Nearly six years since we’ve been at sea.  Far too long, in my opinion.  Wanderlust has been calling and we've answered - ”hello!”

Regent Voyager, here we come!  It will truly be a homecoming.  Cumulatively, we’ve spent nearly a full year on this ship…two and a half World Cruises that have taken us on some of our most exciting adventures: escaping from a tuk-tuk in India, dancing on the pier with Africans, riding elephants in Thailand, swimming in a turquoise blue lagoon in Bora Bora, out-witting pirates in the Sea of Aden, stuck on an “out-of-control” toilet in Japan, discovering that there’s no toilet in the Vatican (a hole in the floor doesn’t count – I made do), being cursed by the “bartering gods” in Shanghai, mastering the subway in Hong Kong, watching the sun set while sipping champagne in the Arabian desert, seeing flying fish, watching whales breech around the ship when we stopped for a moving memorial service at Iwo Jima, teaching art on sea days and making life-long friends with wonderful people.   So many thrilling and beautiful memories!

We get a redux!  While not a world cruise, it will be three glorious weeks on our favorite ship, the Regent Voyager.  We’ll meet the ship in Istanbul after arriving two days earlier in Turkey.  I have long dreamed of shopping in the Grand Bazaar after hearing friends “wax poetic” about the trinkets they have purchased there. That, and other significant sites are on tap before we board the ship.

Like Istanbul, Israel is a new destination for us. I think it will be the highlight of this cruise, but stay-tuned.  The reality is everyday on board holds its own unique highlights, both big and small.    

We'll savor exploring Israel in three days. It may seem like a limited time, but what we’ve learned from cruising is that it’s a perfect blend between sailing the seas and sightseeing on land.  We believe we can always go back, and, we are!  It's delightful to be returning to countries we’ve visited previously.  On this journey, we'll have adventures like never before, like swimming in the Red Sea and venturing out into the desert with a Bedouin following Lawrence of Arabia’s “footsteps.”

It promises to be a wonderful cruise. Our adventure begins on October 31, 2015 on the Regent Voyager. Please join us as we sail out of Istanbul on the Bosphorus Sea toward the Middle East.