Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Morning Confessions

Sunset in the Red Sea
Confession #1: One of the reasons we love sailing is because the sunsets are incomparable to any where else in the world.  It is a majestic, magical moment to look out over the sea, with no obstructions, and watch the sun slowly set. We've spent many days at sea, but have still never seen a "green flash."  It's on the bucket list, but, totally out of our control.  

Confession #2: A group called "Artful Travelers" is on board.  They are associated with PBS and are giving a series of lectures and insider preveiws to many programs, including a wonderful, funny movie called "Meet the Patels."  Watching the film is the one of the best "AT" programs we've attended. We thoroughly enjoyed this witty, true life "docu-comedy."  Please see it when it comes to a theater near you. We're all really enjoying the dinners, lectures, etc. with this talented group of artists.  

Confession #3: The Food....We have eaten too many desserts and they have all been worth every bite!  Everyone wants to know how the food is on a cruise.  I confess, it is far better than my cooking or any restaurant in Chicago!  

Here are the dining options: The Veranda serves breakfast and lunch; however, in the evening it becomes an Italian dining room. Wish I could make such a fabulous transformation, but alas, in the evening, I am still same ole' me.

The food is really, really delicious!  The past couple of nights they've switched things up and what was Italian is now French. Magnifique'  We dined there last night and enjoyed a delicious meal of grilled lobster tails and a veal chop that was perfectly prepared.  

When we aren't being dazzled by that venue, there's the main dining room that offers three wonderful meals every day.  Since this is Sunday morning, there will be champagne and caviar to compliment the regular breakfast fare. The speciality restaurants, have been stellar, with service as well as food. We've partaken at the Pool Grill and have enjoyed the Ice Cream Bar.  If so inclined, we could order food all day from the 24/7 room service menu, but why "eat-in" when you can “dine out?”

Confession #4: The beds on this ship offer up my favorite place to sleep. It may be the gentle motion of the sea or the comfortable mattress, but I am sure of two things: one, for as long as I am onboard, I don't have to make my bed and two, the sheets are perfect! Perfect weight, ironed perfectly smooth, perfectly crisp against my skin. It's a simple, but perfect pleasure to crawl into bed.

Confession #5: I like this idle responsibilities, unlimited options for relaxing. I took another three hour nap yesterday. Devine!

Confession #6: Buzz is missing and I don't care. You know the old adage about company that overstays their welcome...well, it applied to Buzz. He may have opted for the spacious suite at the end of our hallway. Their butler delivers beautiful canapes in those guests every evening...Buzz may have preferred that to our fruit bowl. Whatever the case, we wish him the best.

Confession #7: We will be home in a week and I have very mixed feelings about that reality.

View from our balcony

Heavy cargo

Ichero, the sweet young man who helps Hazel

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