Thursday, November 12, 2015

Meet Buzz

Meet Buzz, our buddy. He's making an exodus from Egypt en route to the glitz and glamour of Dubai. We don't blame him. Egypt is a dusty, dirty place and our suite is immaculate and well-appointed. What fly wouldn't want to opt for something better? Buzz is now along for the ride. The Captain has the “pedal to the metal” at 19.4 knots, zipping past Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea. At this speed we will soon enter the Gulf of Aden, pirate country.

Harry is sitting on our warm, sunny balcony gazing at the open blue sea. Four glorious lazy days on board the ship reading, going to fascinating lectures, eating delicious meals and meeting interesting people.

We've enjoyed the company of Brett and Pamela, from the County of Kent, UK and we exchanged details about our favorite Chicago hot dog joints with Mary and Ken, former “Windy City” residents who have moved on the the good life in the Bay area of San Francisco. They've been great company in the ships restaurants, complimenting the fabulous meals with great conversation.

Dinner in Signature was sublime...the best it has ever been on this ship. Adding to the ambiance and magnificent food, was Julie from France. A lovely young woman with a very pretty name that sounds extraordinary when said with a French accent. She provided outstanding service with a calm graciousness. 

In fact, that is the hallmark of the entire crew – service with sincerity. They truly enjoy connecting with guests and offering the best care with an incomparably warm demeanor. It's a joy to sail on this wonderful ship with such delightful people.

Franck, our General Manager 

Lovey Mariana, the Captain's wife.
Buzz, the Egyptian fly

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